About us

In a nutshell, the aim of the IRIE Mind project is to champion black mental health and provide community-based solutions to mental illness. The project itself is Black led to reflect the culture and “know how” of the individuals we will be working with.  There will be a strong emphasis on ensuring that the methods used reach the needs of the black community.

We will adopt informal approaches alongside a whole range of activities to:

  1. Build awareness of mental health above and beyond what is currently being provided and increase conversations on Mental Health within the Black Community  (Friends, Families, Community leaders, Faith based organisations, Black businesses).

  2. Address the stigma and myths surrounding mental health within the Black Community.

  3. Increase outreach and service delivery in the heart of the community.

  4. Emphasise prevention over crisis interventions – and prioritise this early intervention in young black men and women.

  5. Increase access to culturally-specific interventions including psychological therapies.

  6. Give people a sense of purpose and hope.

  7. Encourage participation from within the Black Community and Services Users to get involved on Boards and forums.

  8. To work in closer collaboration with statutory services and in particular with Forensic services in developing interventions geared at integrating clients into the community.