New year resolutions word search

Here are all the resolutions that are in our 2020 New Years Resolutions Word Search.

I will do my best to update it as we go.


Get in shape
Eat healthier
Stop procrastinating
Improve concentration
Improve mental skills
Meet new people
Become more active
Become more confident
Take some chances
Look for a job
Start a course
Join a group
Be more polite
Reduce stress
Be happier with my life
Be kind to myself
Get more quality sleep
Give up cigarettes
Watch less TV
Read more
Become tidier
Take care of myself better
Treasure my time
Drink more water
Start budgeting
Learn a new language
Start volunteering
Learn to let go
Become organised
Learn to cook
Stop being late
be more self-reliant
Find a hobby
Manage my emotions
Be more responsible
reduce screen time
Face my fears
Keep a journal